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Woman leaders

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The woman leaders are representatives of their communities in certain reunions or assemblies. They are chosen by their communities for this purpose. At the beginning of each year there is a retreat for the woman leaders and their coworkers. Because of the great distances and the various ethnicities, the retreat is held in 4 different places.  A subject or theme has previously been chosen for the retreat and there are speakers and discussions about the experiences that they may have had during their work in the previous year with that subject.  At the end of the retreat the woman leaders receive a Bible study material that they will teach in their community in the coming year. The courses in the community are then organized by the woman leaders themselves. Some take the course in two weeks. Others like to gather once a week for the next 3 to 6 months. At the end of the course they prepare a closing program in which they present what they have learned and exhibit their crafts.

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