In ASCIM we are building our future together through an integral and sustainable development, by which we try to meet the rights of every individual to have a life of good quality.

The foundation of our intercultural coexistence is the belief that God has invested in each person a dignity which we mutually respect and value.

The counseling is done in cooperation with members of the German and indigenous speaking Mennonites and it includes areas such as health, education, economy, and social-religious training.

The reason for this mentoring work is the independence and self-reliance in social and economic areas of its parts and is based in a harmonic-Christian coexistence and in mutual trust. Those affected are those that become involved.

We seek the cooperation between churches with Christian orientation and state institutions.

We advance efficient communication and train the talents given by God.

The workers identify with ASCIM and promote its positive image.

In ASCIM, high priority is set on team work.

We are open to constructive criticism, we recognize our errors and we resolve conflicts with the help of mediators.

In the intercultural coexistence we are convinced of following values: Christian faith, integrity, tolerance, serenity, healthy families, honesty, transparency, punctuality, work ethics, sustainability, responsibility, social responsibility, solidarity, trust and friendship.

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