The Health Center in Yalve Sanga

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The Department of Health of ASCIM has its hospital in the center of Yalve Sanga. The building for the administration offices of the Department of Health is here, as well as the offices for management of finances and the coordination of the work. The chapel, a kitchen and a laundry facility for the hospital are also in this building.

The building next to the administration building was built for the in-hospital treatments and it has 7 compartments and 18 beds.

The next building contains the medical assistance. The laboratory of the Department of Health of ASCIM examines cultures and tests ordered by the doctors and the staff of the health clinic. The laboratory is signed in the central laboratory of public health (LCSP), which means that it is under national supervision. The latter periodically checks the quality of the work done.

To this building an extension, a pharmacy has been added, which is supervised by a manager. This pharmacy offers various types of medications and is a warehouse for the health clinics in the indigenous villages that work with ASCIM.

The dental clinic is another building on the terrain of the Department of Health of ASCIM. It was built in 2006 by the national government. The instruments and the equipment were a donation from Europe. In 2013 ACIM bought other machines, so that the dental clinic in Yalve Sanga is now completely furnished (including radiology).

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