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Reality of the virtual classes in the indigenous education sector

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Today was held a virtual meeting of the Departmental Council of Education of Boquerón to develop a plan for the return of classes in the classrooms. The manager of the Department of Education of the ASCIM, Elroy Funk also participated in this meeting. The concrete proposal that was presented at the meeting was the creation of a committee to elaborate a plan for the return of classes in the classrooms following the established health protocol. This proposal has the purpose to reduce the negative impact the suspension of classes has had for the different education sectors at the Department of Boquerón.
For some people and sectors de various changes in the educational system may have been positive, but for the indigenous education sector these changes have had negative consequences. The difficulties that arise when handing out the work sheets house by house or when using the platform provided by the Ministry of Education and Sciences (MEC) are many. Among them are the following: most do not have internet access, the MEC platform is not in the mother tongue of the students, the limited resources for photocopies, etc. The increase in school dropout is also a phenomenon present in this situation.
The indigenous sector has approximately 8.500 students, which constitutes 53% of the total number of students in the department of Boquerón.

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