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Department of education

The Department of Education of ASCIM accompanies the formal education of indigenous people in the official sector and in private schools, some partially subsidized by the national government.
There are various levels: the initial entry in the school system, the basic school education in classes 1 to 9 (EEB), High School (NM) and some College
level education. In their first years, the pupils assist a school in their village, where they are taught by teachers that are from the same language group and speak their mother tongue. After that, the formation of the students is followed up in a centralized institution. Some of these are “Centro Educativo Indígena Yalve Sanga” and the “Centro de Capacitación Agrícola La Huerta”. Both institutions have dormitories that are subsidized by ASCIM. “Centro de Capacitation Agricola La Huerta” offers a formation in the skills of Rural Practice and culminates in a degree as an Agricultural Technician, with practice on the job.
The “Centro Educativo Indígena Yalve Sanga” offers not only an EEB and NM degree, but also third level education in the areas of Teachers Training and Nursing Technician.
School officials of region 3 of the province of Boquerón in Zone 7 supervise educational institutions in the indigenous communities of the district of Mariscal Estigarribia, Filadelfia, Loma Plata and Teniente Primero Irala Fernández in the provinces of Boquerón and Presidente Hayes.

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