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Volunteer Program

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 The volunteer service ASCIM, SEVAS, is a cross-cultural, social and spiritual work that is based on Christian principles. Its objective is to contribute to the promotion of the work of ASCIM in the churches and in this way deflate prejudices among the peoples that live together in the Central Chaco, promoting positive attitudes. SEVAS opens the door of ASCIM to interested people older than 17 years   who would like to   do a volunteer service in one of the departments of work of the institution. It offers positions of service in the areas of administration, education, health, agriculture and in the cross-cultural, social and spiritual department.

 Service terms can be six months as a minimum and up to one year maximum, with the possibility of extending it according to mutual consent.  During this period, volunteers receive free accommodations and dinner from SEVAS.

To apply for a service position with ASCIM the interested person may fill out an application form and present reference letters.  

The executive team of ASCIM decides over the acceptance or rejection of the application and this is communicated to the interested person accordingly.

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