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Traditionally, the Chaco tribes were egalitarian peoples, living in small bands of 30 to 50 people. Because of many migrations in the last century, the social structures of these peoples have weakened. They are now in a process of adapting to their new social and political environment.  The government institutions expect them to use new concepts of leadership by election and on the basis of representative democracy.

Those who have resolved to adapt to these demands have registered their 'legal representatives' and have obtained a legal name and are therefore a self-regulated   community according to the law. Most communities in the Central Chaco that have undertaken this process have elaborated their own community by-laws, which try to assimilate their own indigenous culture with the new challenges of their environment. This then gives them   a new framework to guide them into a lifelong project, which, as a whole people group, they are in the process of forging.

DISE tries to facilitate this process of adaptation by offering personal counseling sessions, training and seminar sessions.  One of the principal activities is the annual seminar for ethno development, held for the authorities of the different areas of their communities.

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