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Family cattle breeding

Los 5 socios de una Profinca 5F Los 5 socios de una Profinca 5F

The indigenous people have an opportunity to start their own small breeding ranch through the foundation "Fundación para el Desarrollo Agricola", FIDA, a partner of ASCIM. This opportunity is generally known as Profincas F-5. The designation comes from the name of the loan that started this initiative in 2000. In the year 2000 the Interamerican Development Bank (BID), offered a long term loan to FIDA to help indigenous families start their own cattle raising farm. The system used was for 5 indigenous families to unite and ask their community for the permission to use 100 hectares of their land. After the application is approved, the group asks FIDA for a loan to start a cattle raising farm. The money given was enough for 32 groups in the year 2000.

This loan was unique. But as time passed, FIDA was able to form more groups with the help of the foundation. In fact, the loans given by BID to FIDA had been given for their use for 20 years, but the loans the FIDA handed out were only for a time period of 10 to 12 years.That way, more money was given back to the foundation then was loaned, and so it was possible to form 13 more groups.

Some of the indigenous communities are so convinced of the efficiency of these family farms that they have started putting aside money in their budgets for the exclusive use of family farms. The community presents the money to FIDA for use for interested producers of the community and it must be returned back after its use. This way, FIDA is only a link in the chain of production. Of course, this auto financing is only possible in larger communities which have a solid budget. At this time, FIDA works with 6 groups that were created by funds of the community.

First steps were also made to allow private investors to participate in the Profinca project, either by making a donation to FIDA or by giving a loan to FIDA, which later is returned by this foundation.

There is also always the support of the employers. In order to join Profinca each of the five families must invest in two animals. Almost always, the employers are the ones that donate these two animals for the interested person. This shows the big support that local companies have given to the project over the years.

The family farms or ranches have received technical help from ASCIM as well as from FIDA. The help includes assistance with the legal paperwork for the animal health service SENACSA, accounting, immunization and the coordination of the animal sales. As a result the producers are only responsible for the daily work of the cattle keeping.

Once their loan is paid for, the groups can continue receiving technical help after signing a corresponding contract with FIDA.

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