General objectives

By the year 2040, the indigenous communities associated with ASCIM will reach a 90% of social and economic independence and integration, corresponding and adequate   to the situation of the moment.

The ASCIM has a major participation in the consolidation of the harmonious intercultural coexistence in the Central Chaco.

The greater part of indigenous young people in the ASCIM is prepared for the economic challenges of their day and 3% of the indigenous population is able to manage an establishment or company.

The ASCIM mostly has skilled coworkers, trained professionally, who identify with the ASCIM.

The ASCIM has a centralized data base, up to date with the information of the various departments and their demographic situation.

The ASCIM has its headquarters in Yalve Sanga.

The image of ASCIM is at least as good as its organization.

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Yalve Sanga (Central office)
PO Box:
Filadelfia, 40
9300 Fernheim
Tel. 0491 432231
Cel. 0981 484 975
Specific areas