Cattle raising

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The Agricultural department is dedicated to promoting cattle raising at the community level. The responsible staff for the community ranches receives training in the areas of immunization of cattle, water preservation and supply, and the maintenance and improvement of pastures. They are also given the opportunity to gain general knowledge about livestock by offering them training courses.

Existence of animals at the start of 2022:

Community/Profinca 5F Number of cattle
Comunidad Enlhet Yalve Sanga 837
Grupos Profinca 5F Enlhet Yalve Sanga (13) 703
Comunidad Nivaclé Unida 946
Comunidad Campo Largo 810
Grupos Profinca 5F Campo Largo (11) 680
Comunidad La Esperanza 564
Comunidad Campo Alegre 1.233
Grupos Profinca 5F Campo Alegre (17) 1.205
Comunidad Pozo Amarillo 1.295
Grupos Profinca 5F Pozo Amarillo (8) 549
Comunidad Paz del Chaco 1.025
Grupos Profinca 5F Paz del Chaco (5) 235
Comunidad Campo Loro 830
Comunidad Nich'a Toyish 610
Grupos Profinca 5F Nich'a Toyish (2) 160
Comunidad Casuarina 461
Grupos Profinca 5F Casuarina (6) 422
Comunidad Nueva Promesa -
Comunidad La Armonía 377
Comunidad Ebetogué 442
Comunidad Anaconda 951
Comunidad Rojas Silva 914
Grupos Profinca 5F Rojas Silva (29 111
Comunidad La Princesa 386
Comunidad Monte Palmera 312
Grupos Profinca 5F Monte Palmera (2) 120
TOTAL  16.178


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