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Identity card campaign grants entry to the AMH

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Indigenous communities advanced by 85% with the identification of people who did not have an identity card until June 2020.
The possession of an identity card allows entry into the Hospital Mutual Aid System (AMH), which is a medical insurance for indigenous people supported by the indigenous themselves. To be part of this system, it is necessary to provide a photocopy of the identity card. However, a total of 1308 people from the seventeen communities of the AMH - ASCIM account group did not have an identity card. Since December 2019, the community administrators and secretaries work with the members of the communities, to update and present photocopies of the identity card. The ID card campaign carried out in the different communities belonging to the AMH - ASCIM account group opened the way for 1111 people to enter the AMH and to benefit of the services of the system.

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