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Funds of the medical insurance for indigenous people remain stable

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The funds of the Hospital Mutual Aid System (AMH) of the indigenous communities cooperating with the ASCIM, remain stable despite the pandemic. Ayuda Mutual Hospitalaria is one of the medical insurances for indigenous people in Paraguay. It covers the medical expenses of approximately 30.000 people and is supported by the indigenous people themselves.
At the beginning of the year 2020, the balances of the accounts suffered a downfall, due to the fact that medical expenses exceeded the income of the accounts. Then, in March, the possibilities of work were minimal and the administration of the AMH predicted a decrease in the income of the health insurance funds. But, the Technical Administrative Unit (UTA) of the AMH contacted the employers to avoid generating a chain of unemployment and dismissal. Also, the indigenous communities that work in the agricultural sector did not present a drop in the AMH funds, as did the employees who worked in agricultural establishments and were able to keep their jobs. Likewise, in the month of May, the sesame harvest and the selling of cattle in the community ranches of the indigenous communities cooperating with the ASCIM. Through these activities a contribution of 5% were made on the gross amount. Therefore, since the beginning of the year 2020 the funds of the medical insurance for indigenous people barely decreased by 2%, against all predictions that had been made after the quarantine took effect.

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