Who we are

The Association of Services within the Indigenous-Mennonite  Cooperation (Asociacion de Servicios de Cooperacion Indigena - Menonita) ASCIM, is a non-profit association   with legal status according to Act No. 37.174 since February 10, 1978, later  updated on  June 23, 1999 with          Act N. 3772. ASCIM is governed with a social by-law and by a valid legal set-up.

The Administration Council is made up of 1 representative Nivacle, 1 representative Enlhet, 1 representative of the Mennonite association, 1 representative of the Mennonite churches and 1 representative of the Mennonite missions association.

The ASCIM has a legal place of residence in Yalve Sanga, Chaco of Paraguay, and it offers its services throughout the Central Chaco. Chaco Central is the Chaco region 50 to 80 km from both sides of Highway No. 9 (called Carlos Antonio Lopez or Ruta Transchaco) and it is the zone from 350 to 450 kilometers from the capital city.

The main object of ASCIM is to accompany the indigenous communities of the Central Chaco in their socio-economic development, while at the same time respecting their own initiatives and responsibilities for each one of their communities. The internal issues of the indigenous communities are not part of the scope of responsibilities of the ASCIM; these should be resolved by the competent authorities of the indigenous people.

The ASCIM offers mentoring services in following areas:

  • Diverse branches of production and economics, with a main emphasis on the development of the agricultural area
  • Education and training, giving the younger indigenous generation an opportunity to acquire necessary knowledge and skills to participate in the socio-economic system that surrounds them.
  • Health services, promoting primary care of illnesses generated by hygiene problems through  programs of prevention, development and healing.
  • The formation of an internal social organization by the indigenous community
  • The promotion of programs for women and children

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Yalve Sanga (Central office)
PO Box:
Filadelfia, 40
9300 Fernheim
Tel. 0491 432231
Cel. 0981 484 975
Email: info@ascim.org
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